Where you may have caught a glimpse of me.

Thinking Elixir Podcast

I was on the Thinking Elixir Podcast talking about how we use both Elixir and Rust together at Doctave.

Func Prog Sweden (video)

Also on the Rust/Elixir discussion, I have a presentation at Func Prog Sweden that goes into a bit more depth about Doctave's architecture at the time.

Open Source

Some project's that I've open sourced over the years, in various states of completedness.

Doctave CLI

What ended up becoming but lives on by itself. Now a reasonably popular Rust docs site generator.

Terminal Chess

A terminal-based chess game in Rust. A chance to show my love for terminal UIs. Even has a super dumb AI built in.

Multiplayer Poker

A browser-based multiplayer poker game in Elixir/Phoenix. Never finished, but a fun exploration of Phoenix's websocket powers.


Places I've worked at.


My current startup. We're building a toolchain and platform for building developer docs sites using docs-as-code.

Yellowbrick Data

Early employee at an OLAP database company. Focused on internal developer tools for testing database correctness. Opened and ran their London office.


An unsuccessful mobile app localization startup I created at Entrepreneur First. A great experience building a SaaS from start to finish.


I worked at JUST EAT during my studies, and built a Chaos-Monkey style system to test their Windows-based AWS environment for my bacherlor's thesis.